Aug 192013

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Don Purdy Blood Drive

Don Purdy Blood Drive

For the second straight year, Kline Construction Company, Inc. has teamed up with Purdy Collision Center to organize a blood drive scheduled for September 3 in response to the severely depleted blood supply in Southern New Jersey. Hundreds of Kline Construction workers and business partners will be rolling up their sleeves to donate, along with hundreds more expected as the drive is also open to the public.

While providing construction and traffic safety services to improve New Jersey’s infrastructure is his business, the true passion of Kline Construction President, Ed Kline, is in serving his community. It’s that spirit to serve that has inspired his management and workers to partner with the American Red Cross to organize the blood drive.

“Being fortunate enough to have hundreds of employees at Kline Construction, we knew by hosting a blood drive and working together we could do our part to contribute to growing the blood supply in our area,” says Ed Kline, CEO of Kline Construction. “Only three out of every 100 people currently donate blood, so the American Red Cross strongly encourages and supports blood drives of this type.”

Kline’s facility doesn’t have the space needed for the drive so Galloway Township Mayor, Don Purdy, sprang into action and offered his showroom at Purdy Collision Center.

“We know Ed’s team and mine will be here donating the gift of life, but I hope the public will come out and support this drive as well,” says Mayor Purdy. “It’s not only important to give for others but you never know when you or a loved one may need blood.”

The Blood Drive will take place on Tuesday, September 3 from 6:30am to 11:30am at Purdy Collision Center (805 Third Avenue, Galloway). Appointments are preferred. For an appointment or information, please contact Ron Muchnick by calling (609) 652-3000 or sign up online at (Sponsor Code: klineconstruction).

For more information on participating in blood drives call 1-800-Red Cross.

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