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The Galloway Patriot is serious about helping build Galloway business. That is why we spent the money and the time to develop a great new phone app that will include event information and news about Galloway as well as a complete business directory for easy access and dialing to your number.

We will be promoting this business directory heavily in the Galloway Patriot so everyone will know about it and use it. Your phone number and information will be at everyone’s fingertips.

Best of all your basic listing including your business name, phone number and address is FREE. If you want to include up to three lines of information or promotional incentive just upgrade to our premium listing for only $9.95 a month billed quarterly. Advertisers in the Galloway Patriot newspaper which is direct mailed to about 14.,000 Galloway homes get a premium listing in the directory at no extra charge.

You can upgrade your listing to featured status. Featured listings will always appear on top of regular listings. Your featured listing will also allow you to add up to 5 lines of information and 2 images, all for just $39.95 a month.

We are working very hard to build business in Galloway. If you have any questions or would like to discuss putting an ad in the newspaper or a banner ad on the web-site or mobile app, please call 609-780-7433.

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The basic listing above is FREE. Including a few lines about your business to promote what you do and make a bigger impact on customers is easy. Just write 3 lines of information below to be included with your listing. We will send you an invoice (quarterly) for 3 months at a time. You can pay by check or online with your credit card. Your premium listing starts after 1st payment is received.

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Thank you. The Galloway Patriot wants to build Galloway Business. Please contact us if you have any questions. 609-780-7433