Nov 272015
Egg Harbor City Waffle Hut

Felix Vazquez, owner of the Waffle Hut on Philadelphia Avenue in Egg Harbor City, served free Thanksgiving dinners to anyone who needed a holiday dinner or just company on Thanksgiving Day. Vazquez, who opened the Waffle Hut on August 19th, 2015 is giving back to the community. He believes that you should be a part of the community and help build it. He and his staff were generous to the people in town, he, along with his family and employees, served and ate with them. The Waffle Hut is located at 115 Philadelphia Avenue in Egg Harbor City.

The Galloway Patriot salutes Felix, his family and their employees for their efforts in helping the community.

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Nov 252015

On Tuesday, November 24, 2015 the Assumption Regional Catholic School Pre-K classes held there Thanksgiving Celebration performance and feast for their families. The children, wearing their handmade costumes of pilgrims, Indians and a turkey, performed four songs all about turkeys, giving thanks and Thanksgiving. Afterwards the families and children went into the cafeteria for a feast that the children helped prepare.


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Nov 232015
Absegami High School's "Our Town"
Absegami High School's "Our Town"

Absegami High School’s “Our Town”

The Absegami High School Emanon Players did it again, with their presentation of Thornton Wilder’s classic play “Our Town” presented on Friday, November 20th and Saturday, November 21st at the Absegami High School Performing Arts Center. Described by playwright Edward Albee as the “greatest American play ever written,” the story relates happenings in the small town of Grover’s Corners. Narrated and performed with minimal props and sets, the play was divided into three acts, “Daily Life,” “Love and Marriage” and “Death and Eternity.” Audiences follow the Webb and Gibbs families as the children fall in love, marry, and eventually in one of the most famous scenes in American theater die.

The production was presented under the direction of Absegami drama director Chip Garrison and Assumption Regional Catholic School English teacher Tom Schurtz, formerly a teacher at Absegami. The two men also directed the play 25 years ago. “This production is dedicated to the cast and crew of that production all those years ago,” Garrison said. “The play resonates with so many people because of the message of the play, namely that we should stop to appreciate every moment of every day in this life,” he said. “It goes by far too quickly. We can’t believe 25 years have gone by since we first did the play.”

The Absegami High School Emanon Players performance was simply superb. Playing the leading role of the Stage Manager (narrator) is senior Saverio Turrano. Featured roles include senior Zach Hassel as George Gibbs and junior Lexi Patterson as Emily Webb, along with C.J. Coyle, Natalie Frantz, Miranda Muniz and Michael Moore. Other cast members include Brandi Aldridge, Coby Alvarez, Francesca Bishop, Abby Cohen, Rachel Cohen, Cierra Davis, Michelle Delemarre, Claire Dell-Priscoli, Elizabeth Dimmerman, Isabelle Ewell, Brianna Gargione, Rebecca Hennessy, Daniel Hershman, Courtney Jones, Raynah Katzen, Kathleen Koschorreck, Victoria Kreutzer, Sarah LePine, John Lopez, Spencer Lyons, Bart Machula, Rick Mangold, Lynnette Marmolejos, Nicole Marmolejos, Kimberly Nagales, Andrew Ngo, Jeff Palermo, Billy Platt, Jacklyn Polisano, Emily Quisenberry, Andrea Rapetti, Ebba Rivera, Julie Samuels, Julian Simon, Chloe Verderber and Victoria Williams.



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Nov 202015
Galloway Patriot publisher Chuck Knutson donates DVD's to Library

The Galloway Patriot newspaper publishers, the Knutson family, donated hundreds of DVD movies to the Galloway branch of the Atlantic County Library on Thursday, November 19 2015.  The collection of DVD’s includes many different genres of topics consisting of popular titles.

These DVD’s are available for people to check out at no cost.  The library has a large selection of DVD’s.

At the same time, the library also accepted copies of Galloway Publisher Chuck Knutson’s new book, “Direct Action”. This book covers the basics about gun safety and home defense tactics.  The book is available now for checking out.

Direct Action by Chuck Knutson

Direct Action by Chuck Knutson


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Nov 202015
Little brown bat

A bat collected from the 500 block of Revere Way in Galloway has been confirmed positive for rabies according to the Atlantic County Division of Public Health, making it the eighth case of rabies in Atlantic County this year.
The bat was discovered by the homeowner among leaves on his property. The bat was sent to the state lab for testing and confirmed positive on November 18.
This is the first case of rabies found in Galloway Township this year, but the fifth rabies case in the county involving a bat. Other cases have involved a fox, a skunk, and a raccoon.

An investigation by the Atlantic County Division of Public Health determined that there was no human or animal exposures.

Rabies is a viral disease that can be fatal if left untreated. Pet owners are advised to protect their pets with a rabies vaccination.

The Atlantic County Animal Shelter provides free rabies vaccination clinics for dogs and cats each month at 240 Old Turnpike Road in Pleasantville. Dogs must be brought on leashes and cats in carriers. For more information call (609) 485-2345 or visit

Dogs and cats who receive an initial rabies vaccination are not considered immunized until 28 days after the vaccine has been administered, therefore it is strongly recommended that any animal newly vaccinated or those too young to receive the vaccine (less than three months) not be left outdoors unattended. Situations have arisen where pet owners have left unvaccinated or newly vaccinated pets outdoors where they have sustained exposures to known or suspect rabid animals, resulting in euthanasia or six months strict confinement.

Keep your pet on a leash. Do not allow your pet to roam where it could come in contact with rabid wildlife.
Rabies is most common in raccoons and bats, but has also been found in skunks, foxes, cats, groundhogs and other wildlife in New Jersey. According to the American Humane Society, rabies is most prevalent along the East Coast from Florida to Maine.

Public health officials also advise residents to teach your children to stay away from wild, stray or aggressive animals. Never feed or touch wild animals or try to keep them as pets.
If you are bitten by an animal, wash the wound immediately with soap and water and seek medical attention.
Report all animal bites to the Atlantic County Division of Public Health at 609-645-5971.
For more information about rabies control and precautions to protect your family and your pets, please visit the county Web site at or call 609-645-5971

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