Galloway Township’s Trunk or Treat Draws Thousands

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Galloway Township's Trunk or Treat
Galloway Township’s Trunk or Treat

Galloway Township’s Trunk or Treat event on October 29th drew thousands and was a huge success.  Families waited patiently as the long line wound its way through a newly designed and very well organized event area.  Beth and Jen from Galloway’s Community Services did an amazing job and along with the many volunteers, businesses, Police, Fire and Public Works, put on a great show for the thousands of excited children attending.

The Galloway Patriot brought out all its military trucks and along with a few United States Marines and U.S. Army Soldiers, handed out candy.  Our team of dedicated military personnel are always eager to help with community events especially when the event is for children.

Here are almost 100 photos from the event.  Enjoy………

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Galloway Patriot’s Towne Center Halloween

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Galloway Patriot's Towne Center Halloween
Galloway Patriot’s Towne Center Halloween

The Galloway Patriot’s Towne Center Halloween held on Saturday October 29th was great fun and was a great example of why Galloway is such a great family community. Virtually every business in Galloway’s Town center around the intersection of Jimmie Leeds Road and Pitney Road, opened its doors and hospitality to children from all over as they handed out candy, prizes and cool items.

The Galloway Patriot newspaper is very pleased to help produce and manage such a great family event. We would like to thank all the Galloway businesses and of course all the volunteers that helped make this such a great event year after year.

A big thank you to Galloway’s Police Department for helping everyone cross the street and be safe.  Also, thanks to Norman and Donna Risley, the original producers of the event for all their help.

Check out the almost 150 great photos and all the cool costumes!!

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Historic Smithville Village Brings Back Long Awaited Water Wheel

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Drum and Fife lead spectators from the Smithville Inn to the Water Wheel
Drum and Fife lead spectators from the Smithville Inn to the Water Wheel

We gathered at the new water wheel in Smithville Village with enthusiastic onlookers waiting to see the long awaited water wheel on the old mill start for the first time in almost 50 years and to hear the Galloway Patriot’s Civil War cannon fire as the Towne Crier proclaimed……….

Me Lords Me Ladies
We are gathered today in the Historic Town of Smithville to dedicate the revival of the Smithville Mill Waterwheel.
While some see a simple large wheel turned by water, I see history, stories of old, photo ops and perhaps, a first romantic stolen kiss.
The christening of the wheel is yet another step of the possessors of Smithville keeping our history alive.
The mill in its early years was built to supply the community with fresh flour, corn meal and feed in order to survive.
Because of the importance of the mill, and no availability of processed foods and convenient stores, this mill supplied the community with nourishment, not only for their bodies, but their community, as the mill was a source of information and sharing.
It was kneaded by the people so the community could rise together, and not loaf!
Today we discover the tradition again by witnessing this auspicious event. As our celebration concludes may I remind you that Monday it’s back to the same old grind!
May God protect the good people of Smithville and now more than ever may God bless America!

Galloway’s Mayor Don Purdy, Deputy Mayor Tony Coppola, Councilman Rich Klute, Port Republic Mayor Gary B Giberson and the Maxwell family who helped restore the wheel listened as Tony Coppola Senior remarked about the history and effort to restore the wheel. Fran Coppola along with other Smithville Village proprietors, Chuck and Laura Bushar with Wendy and Ed Fitzgerald could not have been happier with the crowd or the magnificent new water wheel.

Once the water wheel started to spin, the cannon fired, another great milestone in the dedicated effort to make Historic Smithville Village a true American landmark.

Here are the lyrics to a song about Smithville by Galloway resident Wilbur Hoch.

Old Historic Smithville Inn
Words and Music by Wilbur Z. Hoch and Maxine T. Archambault
There’s a famous old Inn down southern New Jersey way, where friendly folk gather to feast as in by gone days Old Historic Smithville Inn, warm loving and gracious Inn, Your days of old now still retold ‘mid the charm and grace near a fireplace, Old Historic country Inn echos folk lore and legend dim, fills this grand old place where happy people set the pace thru the window stands sugar hill chapel, country shops sparkling their home spun wares on the village pond white ducks are gliding, while lovers watch by an old grist mill….Old Historic Smithville Inn warm loving and gracious Inn, your days of old now still retold, ‘mid the charm and grace near a fireplace Historic Smithville Inn.

Applause erupts as the water wheel starts to spin at Smithville Village
Applause erupts as the water wheel starts to spin at Smithville Village

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Rams Head Hosts Annual Air Show Reception

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The Rams Head restaurant, a Galloway Twp. landmark, hosts the annual Atlantic City Air Show Reception each year to thank the volunteers and pilots for their participation in making a great event.

This year, Rams Head owner, Kurt Knowles, was presented a beautiful award from the 177th to thank him for all his support.  The Knowles family and the Rams Head have supported the 177th and the local Chamber of Commerce for over 14 years.  The Absecon Post 9462 Honor Guard posted colors at the beginning of the event.


The event began with meetings to familiarize volunteers with procedures for the air show’s management and then everyone enjoyed a great buffet prepared by the Rams Head staff.

The evening was capped off with a shot fired from the “Jaime Lee”, the Civil War cannon provided by the Galloway Patriot newspaper and Last Salute Military funeral Honor Guard.  Rams Head owner Kurt Knowles fired the cannon to celebrate the event and honor veterans.

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Galloway’s National Night Out 2016

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Galloway Twp. NJ National Night Out
Galloway Twp. NJ National Night Out

Galloway’s National Night Out may have been the biggest ever in 2016.  There were so many participants and the crowd was huge.  As usual, the township did an amazing job of producing and managing the event.

There were fire department displays, police displays including SWAT and helicopters as well. Plus, there were many of Galloway’s businesses handing out free items.  There was so much to see and do with live music, food, bouncy houses and the Galloway Patriot fired its Civil War cannon, the “Jaime Lee” at the closing of the event

We would like to thank everyone for putting on such a great event and also thank all that attended for coming out and bringing the family.  Galloway Twp. is such as great family community and events like this are part of what makes it great.

make sure to use the Galloway Patriot web site on any device to check out upcoming events that you can participate in or attend.

Check out some photos from the event.


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